The Brief Dive

TTIS: My surgery story

April 02, 2022 Filimon Season 4 Episode 4
The Brief Dive
TTIS: My surgery story
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Show Notes

  Have you ever had surgery atleast once in your lifetime? If so, how did the whole experience go? In here, Filimon shares his surgery story from how he woke up with a stomach ache to going to sleep, prepping for surgery the next day.

The Time I Storytime is the segment where Filimon gets to share a significant event about his life that has a moral lesson revolving psychology.

-The show that provides self-help advice to young teens from one youth to another-

Disclaimer: "The Brief Dive" Podcast represents the opinions of Filimon who is not a licensed professional. The content provided should not be taken as medical advice, diagnosis, or any sort of medical treatment. This content is meant for informational purposes only.

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